Sharon L. Cowan CBSE

2 day seminar for Building Service Contractors
Las Vegas, Jan 11-12, 2017

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CMI’s seminar series for BSCs continues in 2017 with industry expert Sharon Cowan, CBSE

Sharon Cowan at ISSA

Business Growth Strategies:
A CMI Workshop for Building Service Contractors
January 11-12 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

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Learn Proven Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth: Attend CMI’s two-day seminar dedicated to growing your contract cleaning business.

Topics covered include:

  • Understand your financials: Know your numbers and industry-specific metrics, and make informed business decisions.
  • Pricing and workloading: Learn how you can set your prices at realistic but competitive levels, based on workloading.
  • Proposals and presentations: Develop and deliver winning bids.
  • Quality assurance and client satisfaction: An effective quality assurance system keeps your clients assured that their needs are being met.
  • Sales as a strategic focus: Learn how to sell value over price and close the sale.
  • Marketing: Harness the power of social media, combined with traditional marketing channels, to stay top of mind with your customers.

Full Agenda

Don’t miss out; CMI will only offer this event twice in 2017!

Sharon Cowan in Las Vegas

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Sharon L. Cowan, CBSE

Sharon L. Cowan, CBSE

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Sharon provides analysis of your organization’s operational and financial health from an experienced professional who has industry specific expertise.

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"The Cleaning Business Consulting Group has been a tremendous asset in the development of our commercial cleaning business. Sharon Cowan has provided practical and effective instruction to assist our company in growth in several areas. Sharon Cowan is a sincere person that really cares about assisting people first, and a business genius second. I would highly recommend her consulting services!"
- A. D.

"....wanted to stop for a moment just to say how grateful I am to have been inspired by a true professional remarkable teacher"
- D.R. S.

"Sharon - you remain my best business investment ever! THANK YOU!"
- S.P.

"Sharon helped me to make the right choices; she pulled up our prices, helped with employment and customer issues, company documents and so on.
Sharon kept me accountable week by week and that was incredibly valuable. Her knowledge of the cleaning industry and ability to share her knowledge is outstanding!"
- A. W.

"Don't have a consultant yet? This is your gal. She always steers me in the right direction and I always listen to Sharon L. Cowan, THE brilliant mind in our industry"
- S. T. N.

"like my fabulous consultant Sharon L. Cowan always says .. and it seriously has changed the way I think ... check the emotional umbilical cord at the door."
- J. R. N.

"That is why I am such a big fan of yours, YOU Help Them, Help Themselves! "
- J. W.

"Sharon is full of wisdom and is a fantastic mentor!"
- S.T. P.

"Sharon L. Cowan guided our company to 40% growth in 2015. If you need an excellent....Results driven....Professional consultant.....She's your guru"
- A.C.

"Time is somehow more productive and more fun with Sharon!"
- C.C.

"Thanks for the pep talk this A.M., got me right back where I needed to be!"
- S. N.

"When you are in a session of coaching, you don’t give me the feeling that you are in a rush and time is up and I am only a number!!!
You came across as a friend, not a disciplinarian teacher. Love it."
- C.M.

"My company reduced our overhead expenses by 22% in 6 short months."
- P.R. "Working with Sharon for a few short months, I was able to show a profit increase even when sales were down.
In spite of a 12% drop in sales, my net profit increased 32% thanks to Sharon’s guidance."
- L.M.

"My company went from -$29,000 loss in 2014 to +$40,004 profit in 2015 after working with Sharon for 6 months."
- J.L.

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